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Is Yoga Helpful For Me & What Are the Reasons To Try Yoga?

by Emad

Yoga is a series of poses & stretches that you do in different ways with breathing techniques. It offers powerful benefits to your body and mind. And since yoga is gentle, almost anyone can do it, regardless of your age or fitness level. 

Is Yoga Helpful For Me?

Yoga can help you get fit for life. It helps you deal with stress, prevent or ease back pain and muscle or joint injury, and gives you self-reliance and self-esteem.

Reasons To Perform Yoga

We have many useful and go to do reasons to perform yoga. They are enlisted below.

1: The stronger connection between mind and body 

Yoga really helps you to keep calm and stress less your mind and body postures. It will leave a strong internal connection between your mind and body to function properly.

2: Makes you feel calm and tensionless

Yoga helps you to keep your mind tensionless and your body relaxed. If your mind is sound and tensionless. you can perform our daily tasks goodly.

3: Keeps your body flexible and tuned

 If you are not feeling good about your body like you have some muscle issues, backache, or not feeling well. So, it is impossible to run your work nicely. Yoga is an exercise that really helps your body to stay tuned for daily purpose work and it is also very helpful for the body’s flexibility.

4: Helps to reduce overthinking

We have different circumstances around us which maybe leads us to bad situations, good ones, or normal ones. Suppose if these circumstances lead us to a bad situation. So, as human beings, we’ll take a lot of tension and get start to overthink.Which may be leading our mind to psychotic issues. So, in this way, yoga helps us a lot. Hence, performing yoga is a source of reducing overthinking in some ways.

5: To breathe easily and sleep well

Yoga is very reliable for us all in many ways. To perform it. We can breathe goodly. We have many problems in our daily lives that many time leads us to the insomnia diseases. Because of it, we couldn’t sleep properly. By performing specific yoga poses in daily life we’ll able to sleep well and feel good.

6: Helps in weight loss and blood circulation

As we know many of us have a big issue with body weight and belly fats. By performing yoga we really make our body able to reduce weight. We can reduce our belly fat too through yoga. We also have an issue with blood pressure in some conditions. Yoga exercise is useful to circulate blood in our whole body and make blood circulation wellbeing

7: Helps to live in present and reduce mental fatigue

  Some people have several mental issues so that they can not control their minds from living and thinking about past happenings. They are badly loaded with things. Yoga helps that person to live in present and make themselves feel fresh and also helps them to reduce mental fatigue.

8: Yoga reboots our mind and body energy levels

  In such ways, we found yoga very useful for us all. Our most important body organ in our mind. If our mind is not supporting our body properly like: if we are feeling dizziness, headache, restlessness, etc. So, in this condition we cannot work properly and although our energy level goes down rapidly. Yoga is very beneficial in this way. It keeps our mind and body’s energy level up and also boosts us.

9: Craving to have a hygienic meal

 In our daily life we face a lot of ups and downs. We observe many things which may be good or bad. But if it’s bad so then it directly affects our mind and body. We couldn’t be able to eat much, kind of in these situations. Performing yoga in daily routine ( it may be morning and evening). It helps us to keep our minds relax and fresh. If we have a sound mind and a boosted body we automatically feel healthy and just because of it we start craving healthy and hygienic food. So, we can say that performing yoga keeps us healthy and sound. If we are relaxed and having hygienic food on a daily purpose. We will get a strong and healthy immune system which is very important to us all.

10: Healthy and acne-free skin

Yoga is based on many poses which may help us in many ways. Every single move has its own benefits. Here, we have a common problem with facial acne. Acne problems are mostly found in females. Acne mostly occurs on our face and neck because of less blood circulation in our head. Less blood circulation means that we suppose to stand continuously or sit for a long time on a chair because our blood couldn’t reach the head properly. This is the main reason for acne occurrence. Yoga work on several poses i.e; to stand on our hands in this condition your head will be lower and your feet will be upper opposite to your head. By doing this pose of yoga our body’s blood will circulate through our feet to our head properly. This yoga exercise will help you to reduce your face acne. And definitely leads you to healthy skin.

11: Better immune system

 Our health is a hundred percent dependent on our better immune system. If we don’t have enough better immune system our health goes down day by day. Which may lead us to different diseases. Yoga offers us its different poses to metabolize our body.

12: Psychotic issues and stuck minds

In which society we are living we have many family issues. Our mind is continuously in tension mode while thinking about problems and their solutions. A sound mind is a blessing of God. But as we faced a lot of problems in our daily life. Sometimes we have no choice in front of us to choose the situations as we want. By facing all this our mind is pressed and stressed under tension. We are null and void by taking our decision and handling the situations. Mind is a whole soul of our body’s system because it runs our body’s functions properly but if the mind is unwell and disturbed it unable to function well because of taking a lot of stress and tension on daily basis. Concequancely, if our mind is unwell we will feel headache, stretched muscles, feel weakness or body pain, etc. Taking a lot of tension, overthinking and live depressed we may embrace the psychotic issues. Mind depression only leads us to psychotic problems. Just because we stuck our minds in certain situations. It gets unhealthy very soon. Here, we have yoga exercises to stay healthy with a sound mind. Yoga helps us by its exercise rules that we should follow to get healthy and also far away our complaints to take our health and so on issues.

13: Healthier and stronger bones

 Yoga exercise helps us to make our body flexible. It doesn’t happen instantly it takes some time to make our body stronger and flexible. We make our bones strong through a healthier diet and also through yoga exercise. We should do yoga exercises on daily basis for the betterment of our bones. Because, if we have week bones we can not be able to stand or sit for longer and cannot be able to move in any position. If our bones are week and we move it in a certain position or lift any heavy thing then our muscles pulled up and it’s get started paining badly. Through yoga, we make our bones strong day by day. Yoga is reliable for people of all ages.

14: To concentrate and connect mind and body

Sometimes it happens to us like we are in deep thoughts we don’t know that what are we doing. For example; put an aluminum glass into a microwave oven, etc. This happens because our mind is lost in many thoughts. So, here yoga helps us to concentrate on what are we doing. Our mind and body and their connection with each other are very important to function properly. Yoga exercise helps us a lot to make a strong bond between both of them. Then they both function properly in such ways.

There are some yoga benefits for health consciousness

1:   Yoga proves support for body posture.

2:   We all have the daily purpose routine that we must follow for work. Due to a lot of work in a day our muscles pulled up badly, we bear headache, body pain, spinal cord pain, and so on issues. By performing yoga daily we can easily get rid of all these issues.

3:   Yoga conducts a good connection between mind and body that proof itself helpful to unite our mind and body for work better.

4:   Yoga metabolize our body and helps to make our body parts more and more flexible.

5:   Also helps to maintain our body’s blood pressure, controls sugar level and circulate blood properly.

6:   It boosts our mind and body. Yoga also increases our confidence and upholds our self-esteem.

7:    Yoga exercise keeps all effective and viral diseases away from us and keeps us safe.

Final words

Thus, one of the most important benefits of any yoga routine is not only physical but it is also the quieting of the mind.

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